What Does Today’s Research Say?
Helping Expectant Parents Understand Evidence-Based Care

March 18, 2016

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Our Distinguished Speakers for the 2016 REACHE Conference

Sharon Muza, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), LCCE, FACCE – Read her interview with REACHE!

REACHE interview with Sharon Muza by Catherine Berglund, MPH, REACHE Speaker Liaison, 15 Feb. 2016 Catherine:  I’m here with Sharon Muza, Jill of all trades in the birth-profession world, who will be sharing some practical ideas with us on how to incorporate evidence-based information into our workplaces when she closes our conference in March.  Sharon, first of all, can […] (more...)

Rebecca Dekker, PhD – Read her Interview with REACHE!

Interview with Dr. Rebecca Dekker  by Catherine Berglund, MPH, REACHE Speaker Liaison 09 Feb. 2016: Catherine:  I’m here with professor and researcher Dr. Rebecca Dekker, who will be presenting two separate sessions at our upcoming conference.  Rebecca, much of your published research focuses on cardiac disease and depression.  What first drew your interest to obstetrics […] (more...)

Christine Morton, PhD – Read her Interview with REACHE!

Interview with Christine Morton, PhD by Catherine Berglund, MPH, REACHE Speaker Liaison 23 Feb. 2016: Catherine:  Today I’m speaking with Dr. Christine Morton, an author and research sociologist who specializes in maternity care.  Christine, I know you did your doctoral dissertation on doula care.  How did you first become interested in the maternity field? Christine:  […] (more...)

2016 Conference Location

Embassy Suites Bellevue
3225 158th Avenue SE
Bellevue, Washington 98008

What is the REACHE Conference?

REACHE stands for Regional Association of Childbirth Educators of Puget Sound. Our one purpose is to put on a fantastic conference each year for Childbirth Educators. Because of the dynamic speakers we have invited through the years, the conference also now attracts doulas, midwives, nurses and lactation specialists. In recent years we have offered continuing education hours to these groups. Our conference takes place in the greater Puget Sound area but attracts professionals from around Washington, neighboring states and Canada. The conference usually takes place in March or April.



Online registration ends Monday Night, March 14th. Register at the door for $175!

Why attend the REACHE Conference?

  • Find resources and research that supports your work with birthing families.
  • Equip yourself with the “big picture” of what is happening in birth advocacy.
  • Identify how health care providers effectively teach in unusual circumstances.
  • Integrate effective teaching strategies into your work, whether you’re in the labor room or the class room.
  • Increase your personal support network of education-oriented colleagues.